Studio Alberti Ubini Castagnetti has been operating in Italy for over thirty years.

Studio Alberti Ubini Castagnetti has been operating in Italy for over thirty years.

The Studio is an organizational reality composed of members, chartered accountants and auditors, and of trainees with degrees in business administration.

The organizational structure size of the Studio is aimed at favoring the development of the single professionals economic-business, civil law and tax-related expertie and at sharing the latter through working in a team and creating a of a culture of the Studio fueled by individual acquisition and learning related to a highly specialized set of problems, in order to offer the customer a high quality personalized service.

Relations with research institutes, such as CUOA in Altavilla Vicentina, offer reciprocal opportunities for knowledge in-depth study and exchange in a context that extends beyond the professional sphere in the strict sense, to the realities and needs of small and medium-sized businesses that operate in the context of the Triveneto industrial districts.
The professionals gained over the years a banking experience and this allow the Studio to have a particular attention to corporate different finance set of problems.

Finally, thanks to the university research activity that supports and integrates the consulting activity, the Studio analyzes the problems that are submitted to it in a broader vision, anchored on the most consolidated doctrinal aspects in the field of business balance assessments, group issues and corporate reorganizations.

The Studio has an in-depth knowledge of the relevant aspects of ordinary and extraordinary management of private and public companies, and an ability to analyze the main business problems from an economic, accounting, legal and fiscal standpoint.

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